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Modern Clinical Endodontic Concepts

09 Jun 2020

About the event

This series of webinars involves modern clinical concepts in daily endodontic practice. Some of the principles that are thoroughly presented in these webinars are the minimally invasive approach on non-surgical and surgical endodontics with respect to the natural dental and periradicular tissues; the preservation of the vital pulp and the use of recent bioactive endodontic materials. All concepts are presented in a clinically relevant and step-by-step procedural way so that they are easily comprehensible by the general dentists. Aim and Objectives; to be informed on the most updated protocols of clinical endodontics; to familiarize with clinical application of endodontic biomaterials; to acquire a knowledge on the 2D and 3D diagnostic approaches in endodontic case; to understand the success rate and organize and effective treatment plan in endodontics

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Merimna Institute

Merimna Institute

Merimna Institute

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