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Magnetic Mallet Course – New Frontiers in bone manipulating

21 Nov 2020

About the event

The Magnetic Mallet is a truly revolutionary instrument for implant surgery and represents a turning point in maxillary sinus elevation; extractions and different protocols of vertical/horizontal bone compaction or expansion. The device makes use of electromagnetic impact; which; differently from a manual hammer; generates a high-intensity but brief impact force such as to obtain plastic deformation just of the target bone. No force is spread throughout the skull preventing the onset of paroxysmal vertigo and reducing the overall invasiveness. Its advantages have been documented in several studies and by a number of clinicians across the world.

CPD Provider

Sweden & Martina Ltd

Sweden & Martina Ltd

Sweden & Martina Ltd

Enhanced production facilities occupying a covered area of over 2,000 sqm, for a total of 4,000 sqm, are our practical response to the increasing demand for the implants produced here. Three new blocks adjoining the Medical Bioengineering and Production Buildings, designed with a strong focus on functionality but following the same criteria of elegance and aesthetics that have always distinguished Sweden & Martina‘s buildings, are now housing the CNC machine tools, the automated washing systems and a sandblasting unit. A refurbished area is devoted to prototyping all products under development, and even more space is dedicated to quality control, since despite the continuing growth in the number of items produced, Sweden & Martina is pledged to maintaining its firm commitment to quality, guaranteeing as always 100% checks on all its products.