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Advanced Corporate Governance; Risk Management and Compliance Strategy Masterclass

03 May 2021

About the event

A deep dive into strategic excellence and achieving corporate objectives whilst remaining compliant and embedding corporate governance and risk management culture in your organisation. Going beyond the theory and exploring practical solutions to enhance performance and balance risk for sustainable growth. By the end of this four- day masterclass you will have the tools to weather any storm and better monitor and have oversight of senior management and risks across your organisation. A facilitated learning experience for participants of all levels. We will explore the relationship between leadership and management and the way corporate culture is embedded for ‘good governance’.

CPD Provider

Governance Gurus FZE

Governance Gurus FZE

Governance Gurus FZE

Governance Gurus has brought together some of the leading minds on corporate governance, change management, human resource management and corporate culture. The team are passionate about designing, implementing and embedding governance frameworks, internal controls and policies to improve processes, systems and business performance. Corporate culture and an organisation’s risk appetite and tolerances set the tone for employees, senior management and the Board. Organisations also need to manage relations with their stakeholders and shareholders. This can be successfully achieved through human resource management, employee engagement and performance measurement and rewards. Change management and business transformation projects can only be successful through sufficient planning, effective communication and by getting buy-in at all levels of the organisation. Most change initiatives fail due to a lack of urgency, reduced momentum or ineffective planning and communication. We would be happy to provide your organisation with bespoke training, development or coaching programs to enhance performance, engagement and comradery. A happy and engaged workforce will work better both individually and collectively. Change management training and other areas of specialism are our passion. Our team of experienced subject matter experts will happily work with your human resources, corporate affairs department or CEO’s office to design and rollout training, development or coaching sessions to take management to the next level of engagement or empowerment.  If you want to know more of the different programs we offer or can design for you, just drop us a message or call to speak with one of the team.