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April Digital Age Leadership Practitioner Certification Program

29 Apr 2021

About the event

The profile of effective leadership has changed forever. Effective leaders in a digital age evidence two game changing profile traits: They are recognised as those who actively drive successful digital transformation and role model human centred leadership. The people framework for digital transformation provides a unique method and evolutionary approach that takes a leader or leadership team on a transformational journey. Becoming a certified practitioner not only enables you to unlock your own Digital Age Leadership - it will allow you to apply the framework in your own quest to supporting leaders achieve these two game changing outcomes. This certification program is for business coaches and mentors who work directly with leaders and leadership teams as well as digital specialists working in the field of digital transformation trying to shift the idea of projects and programs into people movements.

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We believe the greatest opportunity of the digital age is to reconnect with our humanity. We believe in thinking differently about leadership and modern transformation. We will help you develop skills and qualities unique for leading in a modern world of 4-D (Digital-Data-Disruption-Design). Build the right environment, the right capabilities and the right mindset. We will provide you with the right knowledge and the tools to own, control and drive your own transformation, not as a project but as a whole business movement.