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International Customer Experience Awards

18 Nov 2021

About the event

This is an International event based on customer experience award-winning case studies. It provides access to real-life initiatives disclosing innovative solutions which; businesses across a broad range of sectors; have implemented. This event supports attendee's professional knowledge by disclosing successful strategies that organisations introduced to improve their customer’s overall experience. It also offers the opportunity to obtain insight to latest trends and research from CX professionals by attending CXTrendTalks™. The event is of interest to business professionals; however CX Professionals may qualify to judge the entries -submitted case studies -to obtain judge certification.

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Awards International

Awards International

Awards International

Our awards are primarily organised by types of Experience – customer, digital, employee– meaning a diverse range of influential companies are in attendance. This cross-sector nature of our Awards leads to a cross-fertilisation of business knowledge, where companies can learn best practice from other industries alongside networking with professionals from their own. The conference-style structure of our awards, in which finalists present their entries, makes them highly educational and inspirational experiences for everyone involved.