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New Statesman Tech Monitor Public Sector Technology Symposium 2021

25 Nov 2021

About the event

The Technology Symposium 2021 is part of an exclusive event series that will bring together public sector IT professionals to discuss digital transformation themes across central government; local administration and healthcare bodies in the UK. Government departments and agencies are under increasing pressure to transform legacy IT estates and deliver improved digital services for citizens and patients - all within a robust and secure framework while utilising the latest in tech innovations. This forum will bring together digital; data; technology and IT leaders from across the UK public sector to share presentations; ideas; innovations and initiatives about public sector digital transformation.

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New Statesman Media Group

New Statesman Media Group

New Statesman Media Group

We are New Statesman Media Group. We tell stories about how the world is changing for the people delivering that change. We care about the big themes, not the small events. We cover these urgent themes with balance, patience and with our proprietary datasets. The New Statesman, our founding title, is the leading progressive political and cultural magazine in the United Kingdom. Established as a weekly review of politics and literature in 1913, the New Statesman is celebrated for its progressive and liberal politics, its intelligence, its range of opinions and the quality of its writing and analysis.

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