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Women in Local Government

02 Dec 2021

About the event

Despite making up 78% of the local government workforce; women account for only 17% of local authority leaders and 33% of council chief executives – statistics which have hardly changed for a decade. Meanwhile; following the 2019 council elections; just 35% of councillors are female; further representing lack of meaningful progress for women in Local Government. In the context of constitutional change and devolution; it is more important than ever that leadership teams in local government are fully representative of the populations they serve. This event offers practical advice and coaching in addressing the barriers affecting your progression.

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DODS Group

DODS Group

DODS Group

When The Times’ parliamentary journalist Charles Roger Phipps Dod left the iconic British newspaper to launch Dods Parliamentary Companion in 1832, little did he know that almost two centuries later his definitive guide to UK political figures would still be published annually. He certainly would never have imagined that it would form the inspiration for the world’s most comprehensive, reliable and accurate source of political and public sector intelligence and education. Nor that the company would still bear his name, share his values of impartiality and integrity, and be the essential tool for anyone looking to thoroughly understand and engage with government and public affairs in the UK, the European Union, and beyond.

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