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Financial Statement Modelling

10 Sep 2019

About the event

This practical and highly engaging course teaches the core financial model design and construction techniques that every modeller should know. You will learn to apply good design and modelling techniques rigorously as you work through a business acquisition case study. Calculations required to forecast the three primary financial statements (income; balance sheet; and cash flow) are put together step-by-step and the target company’s equity valuation is derived from the present value of forecast dividends. The course also covers debt financing; inflation / escalation / indexation; depreciation and taxation.

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F1F9 are financial modelling experts. We have been providing financial model build, consultancy and training services since 1999. With a large and flexible team of modellers and instructors, we have worked with companies including ING, Virgin Trains, Deutsche Bank, Transport for London and Investec. Our training courses are all based on best practice and make use of the FAST modelling standard. Our public courses include Financial Statement Modelling, Project Finance Modelling, Financial Modelling for Renewables and Working with Financial Models. Courses are live online, classroom-based or video-based, and we welcome opportunities to develop bespoke courses for our clients.