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Implants & Soft tissue management in the aesthetic zone. A new perspective.

03 Mar 2020

About the event

This course has the aim to provide the attendees the in depth background and advantages of using Prama implant. Together with high scientific and basis introduction; session of real situation in clinic through assisting to live surgeries and hands-on sessions for understanding of surgical protocols; the attendees will be able to get the most advantages of having and placing a new implant design: from a clinical and aesthetic perspective with the care of the soft tissues management of their patients.

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Sweden & Martina Ltd

Sweden & Martina Ltd

Sweden & Martina Ltd

Our group, established in 1972, is currently an international leader in the design, production and distribution of products for the dental sector, especially implantology, an area in which it has achieved the world's highest growth rate. We also organize our own intense teaching activities: these consist of an extraordinary theoretical/hands-on dentistry training and updating program, with a course calendar which is one of a kind in Italy and involves around 90 speakers and 500 training days organized yearly in Italy, and also a fast-growing number abroad.