Frequently Asked Questions

Start your invites early

Get your conference invites sent and the date of the event in people’s calendars as soon as you can so they can set aside the day and time. One of the key ways to increase conference attendance is to start as early as possible and ensure you follow up. Send event reminders at appropriate time periods and generate excitement as it get closer to the day of the conference. Personalise your event invitations to improve email read rates as well as enquiries levels for the conference.

Include agenda highlights in your invitations and explain simply the value of attendance to your guests. Ensure your invitations are being sent to the appropriate target audience to improve your event interest. Allow your conference attendees to invite colleagues of theirs, or perhaps recommend people they think might of interest for you to invite.

Other options to increase conference attendance includes offering incentives for early registrations. An early discount is a great way to improve your event registrations, as well as extending your early discount registration at the last minute to give latecomers a second opportunity.

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