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A Guide to Becoming a Corporate Trainer in the UK

A Guide to Becoming a Corporate Trainer in the UK

The influence of a corporate trainer can prove to be invaluable for both start-up businesses and well established organisations. They can bring a fresh impetus to employees, enabling them to keep up-to-date with the latest innovations and increase their levels of productivity.

Corporate trainers can be drafted in on a temporary basis to convey knowledge or skills to a group of workers or they may be hired full-time by expansive companies to lead effective training sessions and assist in the changeover to new business programmes.

This job role covers a broad spectrum of interpersonal skills ranging from statistical analysis to creativity to time management skills. It is also beneficial for a corporate trainer to have a strong understanding of the day-to-day operation of a company as they are able to relate to the different challenges that workers have to overcome. According to the Medium Community, “ Existing Employees make the best trainers as they can guide trainees through some of the similar scenarios that they themselves had faced.”

There is no set pathway to becoming a corporate trainer. Featuring a varied employment history and wide range of education backgrounds, they can specialise in areas such as marketing, IT and finance. Being adaptable is an advantage if you are keen on helping multiple companies across different sectors, but building your reputation in an expert field will enhance your credibility.

Continually adapting your training programmes and your skills are an important part of being a corporate trainer. This constant self-driven growth of your skills through Continuous Professional Development (CPD) will ensure your training programmes remain engaging and relevant to current practices within the industry you wish to work. In most cases you will be expected to have attained a bachelor’s degree in a relevant subject, but the significance of professional experience should never be overlooked and is often viewed favourably by potential employees.

Therefore it is imperative that you record all your achievements – this could be anything from carrying out online learning on a corporation’s processes and policies to guiding a colleague through the correct use of a new system. This accumulation of knowledge will provide you with a strong foundation of what you are going to teach. Online training specialists ProProfs assert that “ there is no end to what a corporate trainer can learn. Whether it is HR training or sales techniques, they should continuously update themselves on trends as these are evolving fields.”

The next stop from gathering knowledge is having the capacity to communicate the information coherently and successfully to your audience. The cornerstone of success in business is good communication and that is why corporate trainers are trusted to deliver dynamic training that is beneficial to employees and the organisation as a whole.

Use both formal and informal learning to hone your existing skills when talking in front of large groups of people. This doesn’t solely apply to the style in which you present your knowledge, but also how you interconnect creativity, productivity and innovation to provide a bespoke learning experience. Creativity stimulates the mind and can inspire others. Crafting their own training materials is one area where aspiring corporate trainers can showcase their ability to think outside of the box.

Ultimately you will only progress as a corporate trainer if you keep acquiring different experiences and training. This will also give you the opportunity to experience how other trainers work and pick up useful hints and strategies moving forward. In addition, increase the value of your training portfolio by making sure it is CPD accredited. This will effectively vouch for the quality of your work.

Corporate training is big business as the changing times require employees to adjust their working processes to meet new developments. Think about how CPD will help you improve your practice and document your learning – this could be the difference between success and failure as you pursue your dream career in this exigent yet extremely rewarding occupation.

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