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How To Become Certified In Beauty And Cosmetics

How To Become Certified In Beauty And Cosmetics

Becoming certified in beauty and cosmetics is paramount if you are to reach your dreams of revitalising the skin and applying make-up to enhance the appearance and well-being of individuals. Make-up artists and beauty therapists will typically find employment in beauty salons, spas and the entertainment industry, although there are many other institutions such as leading fashion brands where professional cosmetologists are required. One day, it could be you could be rubbing shoulders with some of the world’s most famous faces as you apply your artistic talent to deliver astonishing transformations.

Having credentials to verify your position is crucial to you and essential to your clients, colleagues and employer. It is never too early to build a portfolio of your make-up work as you begin your path to the summit. Experimenting at home with different products will fine-tune your craft and be sure to keep a record of your development.

CPD (Continuous Professional Development) is an effective self-motivation tool for stimulating learning across a range of settings. This could be anything from shadowing experienced staff at a salon to researching different products and their benefits. An up-to-date CPD plan will highlight your journey, your commitment and professionalism and what you gained from each process. This is particularly attractive to potential companies and a creative way to boost your reputation and employability.

Staying in line with industry standards is vital for those involved with beauty and cosmetics as you need to be competent with the latest techniques, products, equipment and business developments. There are a wide range of beauty and cosmetic courses accredited by the CPD certification service to suit all facets of beauty and cosmetics. Before you pay for it and start a course, it is important to check that it is accredited by a recognised body. If it is not accredited, insurers and employers may not acknowledge the qualification.

These learning opportunities are valuable because they come with a certificate to prove you’ve completed the course. However, informal learning opportunities are plentiful. Evergreen Beauty College based in the USA advise that if you see a new technique on YouTube or in a magazine, practice it until you feel you’ve mastered it.

To become a certified beauty therapist, it is recommended that you attain at least a level 2 or 3 diploma in beauty therapy or accredited certification. This is the minimum requirement that most employers desire. It is also the minimum qualification that insurers will look for when offering you Public Liability insurance.

Global Edulink support thousands of aspiring learners across the world and their level 3 diploma in Cosmetology will supply you with all you need to become a Cosmetologist which is relevant training and an accredited Cosmetology certificate. This course is ideally suited to anyone with aspirations of becoming a Cosmetology professional, such as a Beauty Therapist, Cosmetologist, or Skincare Specialist.

Beauty and cosmetics is a thriving industry and there continues to be significant research made into beauty products and how to advise clients on skincare. This fast-paced industry also requires a range of people skills including understanding an individual’s fragility about an aspect of themselves they don’t like and having the ability to make clients feel relaxed.

Ultimately, if you love the sentiment of giving people new-found confidence and making them feel good about themselves, then this is the career for you.

Multi-disciplined beauty, nail and skin therapist Jocelyn Petroni based in Sydney, Australia believes getting a foothold in this vibrant sector is about demonstrating willing and enterprise. This will inevitably lead to success.

She stresses: “I believe if you take the initiative in the beauty industry and align yourself with successful businesses and people, you will have a successful career.”

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