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How to become office administrator cpd

How to become a successful Office Administrator

This informal CPD article on How to become a successful Office Administrator was provided by Global Edulink, a leading online learning and training provider.

Are you looking to become an office administrator? It happens to be one of the most in demand jobs around the market today as every business needs a proficient office administrator to handle the duties that are due. So if you are planning on becoming one, here is a bit of a guideline from us to you to make the road ahead clearer.

What is the role of an Office Administrator?

The role of this position is generally to carry out certain clerical duties that support the organisation and to also monitor the work of the other admins in the business. Your daily to do list can comprise of responding to various emails and phone calls to also carrying out many bookkeeping duties and even word processing jobs. In order to become an office administrator, you will definitely need some experience in performing these admin tasks and you will also have to be savvy in using applications like Microsoft Office. In terms of education, employers may look at something that is industry specific in addition to your high school education.

What skills are required for this role?

There are many skills that will prove to be an advantage for you to get hired in this role. However some of them are considered mandatory and will go a long way in ensuring your career growth. Here are some of these skills.

  • Communication skills
  • Good written skills
  • Meticulous attention to detail
  • Being tech savvy
  • Time management skills
  • Being self-motivated
  • Having autonomy
  • Customer service skills
  • Good interpersonal skills
  • The ability to take initiative

What is the demand for this career?

Any business needs a good Office Administrator. You will essentially be in charge of all the aspects that have been discussed and sometimes, you may have to go an extra mile or two above and beyond your job description as well. Be it within the UK or outside, the role of Office Administrator is one that has always had a lot of demand. You can hope to earn well and also grow and learn as you prevail in your chosen career path.
What does the career path and salary look like?

In the UK alone, according to Payscale the average salary per annum for an Office Administrator could start at potentially £18,400 and then go upwards from there based on your education, expertise and the kind of workload that you are handling. If you are willing to learn and be dedicated you can actually progress to the roles of Office Manager, Administrative Manager and so on. The options are wide and varied based on your interests.

So how can you get started?

First focus on getting an industry recognised qualification that will allow you to gain the knowledge and skills required for the role. You can then perhaps get a role as an apprentice or you could directly apply for a permanent position where you will be studied under probation before being added into the permanent cadre. Be willing to work hard and nurture your appetite for learning more about your job.

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