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Investing in Training is what Drives Businesses Forward

This informal CPD article on Investing in Training is what Drives Businesses Forward was provided by Anna Yaramboykova at Kicks Academy Professional Development, an organisation that helps professionals and entrepreneurs to enter the corporate industry by providing them with training courses.

I have been in the training and consultancy business for over eight years. In my time in the industry, I have seen some companies and corporations handle training well and I have seen how badly others handle it; both resulting in uniquely different outcomes.

Through my experience working with many different businesses and corporations, I have seen businesses that don’t invest in training staff. This has been a major factor in its underachievement that can and has led to eventual failure of the business as a whole. However, the ones that do invest significantly in staff training are quite the opposite; I’ve seen growth and upward trajectory.

So what are the differences between these two groups that leads to success or failure, even if they both have great products?

Firstly, one group understands the importance and return of investment gained in training and investing resources into their people and the other group does not.

I remember doing leadership training for two different companies on the same day. With the first company, staff members were very responsive to my questions around their engagement with their company. Their response was: “we love working here.” I asked them what it was that made them love their jobs and they responded that management cared to invest in them and aimed to provide them with the latest training, which had clear benefits to them and the business.

And what of the second business I did training for? The response was exactly the opposite. Their response was that their management didn’t seem to care about investing in them and the times when they did get training, were very rare indeed and was often mediocre training when it did come about.
If you want your business to move forward and be truly excellent you need engaged employees and, in order to have that, you have to be open to be investing in training. Not just investing in any training, but investing in the right training that conflates individual needs with business needs, becoming a process of mutual value.

Aside from having more skilled employees through investment in training, investment in this area does a particularly important thing: it shows your people that you care about them enough, you believe in them enough to spend money on their development. That is a very powerful thing and shouldn’t be underestimated for morale.

The biggest asset to businesses are people. Not the product, not the system, not the idea. It’s the people. The people we invest in drive the idea, the system and the right strategy to move the business forward.

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