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The process of gaining accreditation for training courses

Many organisations from an extensive range of industry sectors are able to benefit from CPD accreditation for training courses, workshops and educational events. The CPD Service has a substantial portfolio of accredited CPD providers that can help learners achieve their individual Continuing Professional Development obligations. Gaining accreditation for training courses helps organisations formalise their knowledge into a recognised approach to learning. This article explains the course accreditation process and how to get a training course accredited.

Course Accreditation Process

The first phase of the course accreditation process is to have an informal consultation to ensure training courses and events are suitable for Continuing Professional Development. Our CPD Consultants will discuss the structure of the training, how it is delivered, find out more about the groups of expected attendees, and finally the key objectives for CPD accreditation. At this phase, our team will recommend the most suitable steps to become an approved CPD provider.

The CPD course accreditation process follows an intentionally practical method that has been continuously developed over the past few decades. The course accreditation process is focused on providing the highest standards of structured Continuing Professional Development learning for delegates and attendees.

Gaining accreditation for training courses

Once approved as an accredited CPD provider, the next step is to submit training courses directly to the Assessments team to start the accreditation process. The training course materials required for review typically include presentation slides, handouts and any additional training course notes.

The CPD Assessments team will evaluate the materials, review the structure and provide advice to help develop the training courses where required. This process is to ensure the training courses are educational in content, structured coherently, with clear learning objectives and outcomes.

Each CPD training course is benchmarked against a proven assessment criteria to ensure the required standards are met across a number of key areas. Should training courses not meet the accreditation standards to be approved, the Assessments team will provide detailed feedback to help improve the training courses. The accreditation process takes 10-14 working days, depending on the size and duration of the training course.

Success – your training course is CPD accredited!

Upon successful completion of the accreditation process, you will receive a ‘CPD Certified’ certificate of achievement, demonstrating the training course meets the required standards, knowledge and guidelines. The ‘CPD Certified’ symbol can then be used on the accredited training course materials, as well as the delegate certificates of attendance. At this point, a description of the accredited course is listed in the CPD Courses Catalogue (if available for the public request) and added to the specific CPD Member Directory profile.

Benefits of CPD accreditation for training courses

Organisations look to obtain CPD accreditation for training courses in order to increase delegate bookings, create discernible competitive advantage from other organisations within the market, represent themselves as industry experts and increase the chances to meet the right target audience.

The CPD accreditation process provides increased appeal to an organisations proposition and helps to further develop new & existing client relationships. Gaining accreditation for training courses provides an endorsement for your organisation, a greater profile recognition and credibility, improved quality of your training, access to experienced CPD experts with advice and a framework to help you continuously improve your educational offering. The accreditation process is fast, detailed and invaluable as you drive your organisations Continuing Professional Development objectives forward.

Providing training courses with CPD accreditation from the UK’s largest and leading independent CPD service can help organisations to meet new audiences with a recognised standard suitable for other industries and sectors. External validation demonstrates to delegates the steps taken to deliver the highest learning standards. The ‘CPD Certified’ symbol is instantly recognisable to hundreds of thousands of professionals across the UK and beyond as a sign of quality and credibility.

What else? Becoming an Accredited CPD Provider

As well as gaining accreditation for training courses we provide a number of essential services to support a fully holistic CPD provision. As an accredited CPD provider, your organisation will be listed in the CPD Member Directory, as well as your training and events listed in the Courses Catalogue and Event Calendar. You will have a dedicated Client Services Manager to help with any questions you may have.

To help with the administration of your training courses we provide a full delegate certificate service (DCS) saving you the time and the cost of post-training attendee certificates administration. The CPD Certification Service work with organisations ranging from consultancy firms to large online training providers, universities, corporations, conference & events organisers, further education colleges, Government departments, local authorities and councils.

More information about training course accreditation

For more information about how to accredit a training course and the accreditation process please use the contact form or call us on 020 8840 4383.

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