How to start my own business

How to start my own business

03 Aug 2021

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Have you recently taken the plunge and started your own business? If you’re finding yourself slightly overwhelmed by the number of things to consider when starting in your new business venture, please carry on reading as this article aims to offer some simple hints and tips, as well as recommend a couple of courses that may help with your exciting journey.

How to start my own business

The last few months have seen many people leave their everyday jobs and jump into a new business venture. There has been a higher demand throughout lockdown with people looking for home furnishings, garden landscapers, homemade pet food, homemade cakes to name a few. With the entire nation previously staying at home, there has been ample time to keep busy around the house and start looking at ways to improve it and celebrate occasions from the comfort of our own home, rather than out and about. This has created the demand for more and more niche businesses.

Combined with the recent switch of many people making a conscious effort to support local businesses, it has meant that at-home start-ups have been busier than ever. If you haven’t quite had the time to sit back, consider what is going on and map out the future for your business, there is no time like the present.

What to consider when starting a business?

There are plenty of things to consider when you first start your own business. The finances, resources, legal, marketing and a sales plan. It may seem as though you need to hire a lot of people to take on these different roles in your own business, which, in the future, might be the case but not necessarily to get started. To keep it sensible and ensure you are first making money when you start out, you could potentially give some of these areas a go yourself.

Increase your skills and broaden your knowledge

A great way to add some more skills to your existing talents and to broaden your business knowledge is to enrol on online courses. There are plenty of different business courses available that can help give you basic or in-depth learning, that will help kick-start your new idea and get your own business up and running. If you are pressed for time, online courses can help you to  study at your own pace from home, and could be the perfect route for you.

How to start your own business

Find online courses for starting a business

A great place to start is to look at some of the online courses that go into business networking strategies, sales, introductory accountancy courses, digital marketing, and business strategy workshops. A good idea is to make a list of the different areas you would like to research and learn more about, and use then search our CPD Courses Catalogue to filter for the different learning opportunities available to you.

Following on from this, a business management course would be a great one to jump into and learn many different aspects of how to start your own business. Many business management courses will explain how you turn your goals into delivery, spotting opportunities and what obstacles you may come across along the way. If you are looking to hone your skills in a specific area, some online business courses offer more in-depth subjects such as business planning, leadership and payroll management for example.

At The CPD Certification Service, we host thousands online courses from different training providers that have been CPD accredited. The more training and research you do in the initial stages, the better you will feel about progressing and knowing how to start your own business moving forward. To view all of the business management courses that are available, please go to the CPD Courses Catalogue for more information.

CPD accreditation for your business courses

We hope this article on how to start my own business was helpful. The CPD Certification Service have 25 years' experience helping organisations to formalise training and events suitable for Continuing Professional Development. If you are a training provider looking for CPD accreditation for your training and events please go to our become a CPD training provider or contact our team to discuss in more detail.

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