Mental health awareness courses

Mental health awareness courses

29 Apr 2021

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This article provides a brief overview to mental health awareness and the types of courses available. Mental health affects all people from all walks of life, children and adults. It can cause depression and an inability to function in parts of a person’s life. Mental health can affect mood, healthy eating and is often linked to anxiety.

Mental health is an important subject, and many people suffer alone on. Making people more aware of mental health and stress can really help bring the subject to light to provide necessary comfort to those that are struggling. Many people who struggle with mental health are concerned about feeling judged and criticised for their situation, and find it difficult to talk about the current problems they are trying to deal with.

What is Mental Health awareness?

Mental health awareness describes the action of recognising mental illness, and helping to educate and make more people aware of the concerns surrounding mental wellbeing in order to prevent it where possible, provide support and remove any unnecessary stigma around the subject.

Mental health awareness can provide the platform for people to discuss the subject with family, friends, or other people struggling with similar concerns, or possibly with professionals that may be able to provide help and support to alleviate some of the tension and stress.

How can we help with mental health?

The first step in making improvements to mental health is to simply accept, show respect and to not judge or critcise a person suffering from mental stress and pressure. This can remove significant boundaries, allowing individuals to open up more about their concerns and feel more ok about the current problems they are having.

It is important to support, provide encouragement and a place of safety for those struggling with mental health issues to feel they are not alone. Educate yourself on the subject of mental health wherever possible, including common signs of mental stress and ways in which you can help support and alleviate some of the unwarranted pressure. Study articles on mental health and find suitable mental health awareness courses that may be able to help and the people around you.

Some of the commons signs of mental health concerns include loss of appetite, not being able to sleep, distancing oneself from others around you, reduced energy levels and a feeling of helplessness. Mental health can seriously affect mood, making people more worried, scared or angry than usual. It is difficult at times to escape the mental thoughts and concerns, without being able to find a solution to the possible problems.

CPD Mental health awareness courses

Mental health awareness courses can help people learn the knowledge and skills to improve one’s own mental health as well as others around you. CPD Mental health courses can help find practical ways to look for positive outlooks, find solutions to problems, cope better with stressful situations, improve work and life productivity and find a way of living a more meaningful existence in the current situation.

Mental health awareness courses can provide guidance on how to find professional help where necessary, connect better with friends and family, sleep better, learn coping skills, and implement positive habits to improve daily life.

Our CPD providers have a wide range of mental health awareness courses available to help both individuals and teams improve their knowledge and skills on the subject. CPD courses range from:

  • Mental Health & Stress in the Workplace
  • Mental Health Nursing
  • Mental health skills for non-mental health professionals
  • Mental Health First Aid, and many more.

The CPD courses come in a variety of learning formats from online training to workshops and classroom style training courses. Each course can help you learn more about the subject and make steps to improve the quality of life for both you and those that you care about.

We hope this brief article on mental health awareness was helpful. If you would like to learn more about Continuing Professional Development please visit our CPD Explained page. Alternatively if you are a course provider please visit our Become a CPD Provider page to find out how to obtain CPD accreditation for your courses and events.

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