Association of Certified Digital Accounting Technicians

Association of Certified Digital Accounting Technicians

ACDAT is not just a qualification; it's a career solution. Though having theoretical knowledge is essential, practical training is more interactive and can help individuals learn and understand more. Incorporating practical skills into studies has proven to help retain knowledge, get a better feel of work and become confident in applying for jobs. A qualification based only on theoretical knowledge is not enough, individuals must have the hands-on experience to become confident in convincing employers during interviews. Our blended approach of theory and practice in office environment gives our learners an edge to cut through the competition. Being an accounting professional, you do so much more than just number crunching. You create a financial strategy, give strategic advice, comply with the tax regulations, take actions to save money for the client, boost revenue in their business, and the list has just started. Accounting is a continually evolving sector, so you cannot thrive by limiting yourself to the stagnated accounting skills. To grow, innovate and become an exceptional accounting professional, you need to learn and develop your digital accounting skills not for once but continuously.

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