Catalyst DBC Ltd

Catalyst DBC Ltd

Catalyst – Driving Behavioural Change was the brainchild of Paul Smith and Stu Berry. Between them Stu and Paul have more than 50 years’ experience in the motor and motor finance industry and realised over time that the training available to businesses rarely achieved its goal. Training should help businesses develop employees to enhance their ability and knowledge, that in turn should drive business performance by embedding new ideas and skills. However, whilst employees might enjoy training courses and workshops, these can be expensive to organise and time consuming and rarely has a positive long-term impact on any business. Therefore, the drive behind Catalyst is to be different. Its aim is to deliver training in a fun and engaging way and ensures learning is supported at all times to maximise the impact upon your business, whether that’s to develop people, improve performance or embed compliance. Focusing on 3 distinct areas; sales skills, coaching and compliance means that Catalyst has the content and platform to really help your employees and therefore your business become better.

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