Surecom Network Solutions

Surecom Network Solutions

Surecom Network Solutions is a multi-award-winning engineering firm based in Ireland and the UK. We offer engineer-led professional, technical and project management services in the telecommunications and ICT network engineering fields. Our engineers and management professionals are leading the way within the industry through pioneering, practical solutions and service delivery. Surecom’s reputation has been built over the past decade on trust, professionalism, reliability and technical excellence. We have grown as a company during pivotal time in the telecoms industry, with engineers who are at the forefront of industry innovations and future technologies, and professional management experts who understand and work closely with our clients.

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Surecom Network Solutions

This training course is an introduction to in building solutions for module networks. During this tr...
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Surecom Network Solutions
Surecom Network Solutions Bothair Beri Kilcoran, Cahir Tipperary E21 TF84 Ireland
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