Umbra Shading

Umbra Shading

Umbra is more than just an ordinary shading company. From the outset, we bring together a unique combination of capabilities, people and experience. We are distinguished by our knowledge of all aspects of shading solutions, and our unique blend of design, manufacturing, installation, and project management expertise. We always look for the ‘and’ to find an extra dimension in what we do and how we do it. Wherever possible, we combine technology and aesthetics and think of simple solutions to complex challenges.

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Viewing Shading in a New Light

Umbra Shading

In this CPD; we explain a concept known as dynamic shading; and the impact it can have on a buildin...
Umbra Shading
Umbra Shading 31 Ystrad Road Fforest-fach Swansea SA5 4BT United Kingdom
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