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How to Specify and Plan Correctly for Instant Hot Water Taps in Homes.

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This seminar is aimed at those responsible for specifying or planning the installation of an instant hot water tap in a kitchen which can be in a newbuild home or house refurbishment. If you’re an architect: specifier: kitchen designer or contract kitchen buyer: you will find the contents to be beneficial in providing you with the knowledge to confidently choose a suitable tap. We want to help you avoid making common mistakes when selecting and installing an instant hot water tap. This seminar will provide you with everything you need to know about choosing these types of taps.

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Abode are specialists in the design and development of kitchen sinks, taps, instant hot water taps and bathroom products. Specifying Abode means complete peace of mind, our team have an extensive knowledge of our product category and the kitchen and bathroom industry. We have strict quality standards, investing in the very best components and latest manufacturing techniques to ensure long-life performance.

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