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Continuing Professional Development is central to the activities of the Tourism Management Institute (TMI) and that of the Tourism Society. TMI is committed to supporting individuals as tourism destination management professionals and recognises that good quality CPD is essential to ongoing effectiveness as a tourism professional. The Institute of Hospitality requires members to participate in CPD to ensure they remain competent and knowledgeable professionals. Members are encouraged to keep a CPD record and those members looking to upgrade membership will have CPD activity taken into account when the upgrade is under consideration. The Institute of Tourist Guiding describes Continuing Professional Development as the way to update and expand knowledge, and to further develop skills. The Institute believes it is essential that members undertake and keep a record of CPD to demonstrate commitment to sustaining assured levels of guiding competence.

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Prime Easy Learn Training Institute

Training centre in Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Northcott Global Solutions

NGS is the new generation of International Emergency Response, tracking, travel management and r...

MASTA Travel Health

Travel health news, risk alerts and advice for overseas travel


Specialists in Electric Vehicles Charging Points and Stations


Modeshift exists to share best practice in sustainable travel delivery

International Academy of Travel

Designing and delivering results-oriented training programmes

Upskill People

Retail & hospitality e-learning

Nina & Pinta

Training for Corporate travel industry

Oplex Careers

Online training courses for those who want to gain new skills

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