CPD tips - Courses that can take you abroad

CPD tips - Courses that can take you abroad

01 May 2022

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For a long time, travelling and working abroad have been off the cards for us all, but now, the world is opening back up, and the places we love are back at our fingertips.

Working whilst travelling can be a great way to keep busy and earn extra cash so that your adventures can last even longer! Whether you want to throw yourself into work in the place you’re staying, or you’d like to work online (freelance) to fund you further, specific courses can help you land jobs that go hand-in-hand with a bit of wanderlust!

Courses that can take you abroad

The following online learning courses are just a few ways you can learn the skills you need to earn whilst travelling abroad.

Creative Writing/ Copywriting courses

Writing is a skill that you can take anywhere in the world. Due to it being a one-person job, there’s rarely a need to be amongst other people or a team, so it’s a freelance friendly role! Usually, you’re given a brief, and away you go. Writing comes in many different art forms, so whether you undertake a general course, keep your options open, or something more specialised is entirely up to you.

There’s also the option of writing ‘as yourself’, becoming a blogger or someone who reviews products or places. Again, this is a highly remote-friendly role and pretty convenient considering you’ll never run out of things to blog about whilst travelling.

Blogger courses

If you do decide to embark on the journey of becoming a blogger, taking a course to put you on the front foot is a great idea. There are numerous blogging courses, from travel blogging to fashion and lifestyle blogging to vlogging - the world’s your oyster! It’s not just a case of writing ‘a day in the life’; there are various things to consider if you’d like to give yourself the best chance of becoming successful and turning it into an earner to fund your travels.

If you decide to give it a go, be willing to give your blog time to gain traction, build an audience and start making money through sponsorships. It can be a long process, so manage your expectations and be prepared to put the work in at the start to see better results in time.

Social Media Marketing Courses

To stick with the remote working theme, social media marketing is another excellent avenue to explore whilst abroad. The equipment you need is minimal, and you can do it from wherever you are in the world.

Whether you’re marketing yourself, products or other brands, some hints and tips are great for getting you started and positioning yourself as a social guru. Luckily, social media is used worldwide and a popular choice for those running a business, so there will always be a need for social experts to step in and do their thing.

Hospitality Courses

A skill that’s needed worldwide and one that’ll always be in demand is those required in the hospitality sector. From working in hotels, bars and restaurants, this can be a great area to explore whilst looking for work abroad. Wherever you’re staying, there will be bars and restaurants around (unless you’re incredibly remote, in which case one of the digital nomad options may be better for you!), so you won’t need to travel far.

In some places, hotels and restaurants offer to provide you with accommodation and food in exchange for working for them, so it can be a great way to cut costs and prolong travel! We host a number of hospitality courses on behalf of our CPD providers covering a wide range of subjects.

Photography courses

Depending on where you’re travelling, some locations, accommodations, cafes, bars and restaurants actively look for photographers to take photos of their business, so they’re able to promote it online. By offering photoshoot or photography services, you may find yourself with some free accommodation, meals, or extra cash to get you to your next destination.

Improving your photography skills can also make you attractive to online sponsorship if you post your photos on social media. Worldwide, businesses look for influencers and good photographers to take pictures of their products in different locations, so if you’ve got yourself a good camera, a good following and the skills to grab good shots; you may well fall into this bracket. Also, there’s the bonus that you’ll be able to document your travels through GREAT photography. If this could be of interest, you can find out more on online photography courses.

Where to find courses to get started

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