Becoming a blogger - top tips!

Becoming a blogger - top tips!

30 Apr 2022

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Blogging and vlogging have been popular for many people; however, in recent years we have really seen this art form take off! There are blogs for everything, from food, travel, fashion, lifestyle, and fitness.

It’s become an attractive alternative to reading guide books or researching on Google. Why? You’re getting first-hand tips and guidance from a real person. Sure, a guidebook is written by a person too, but there are many more hoops to jump through and checkboxes to check, creating a bigger distance between you, the reader, and the author. Whereas, a blog or a vlog can be uploaded and live to an audience in minutes, giving it an extra dose of authenticity and the opportunity to show a human side.

Creating blogs and vlogs has also become a way to earn money. Much like social media, if you build a large, loyal audience, brands are keen to work with you to promote their products and services. This creates extra motivation to ensure your blogs are completed to a professional standard, giving you better chances of landing those money-backed sponsorships or freebies.

Becoming a blogger - top tips!

This leads us nicely to some top tips for writing and creating like a pro. Whether you’ve had a dabble before or you’re a down-right newbie, these tips will help you take your passion to the next level.

Be authentic - show the real you

Social platforms have been developed to give people more opportunities to be authentic and show the face and personality behind the content. On the flip side, this also means that the audience has unknowingly become experts in spotting what’s real and fake and can quickly make their minds up about which content creators they believe.

As a blogger, this is a fierce world to enter. There are hundreds, if not thousands, of people creating content in the same sector as you, and one of the most significant differences between everyone is their personalities, so let that show.

Although tempting, because it’s a way of earning extra cash, if you promote a product you don’t believe in and have outwardly made this clear within your previous posts, your audience is less likely to believe in you and less likely to invest time in your content. Stay true to yourself and let your personality come through - this also makes it easier for your audience to build a connection/relationship with you. It’s human to human rather than human to screen!

At The CPD Certification Service, we host numerous courses on behalf of our members from beginner's hints and tips to workshops and events to take your blogging and vlogging skills to the next level.

Find your niche

It can be easy to think that being general and covering a range of topics will expand your audience as you’ll appeal to more people. And, you’re not wrong. To an extent, this is true; however, by specialising in an area that you’re interested and knowledgeable in, you’re going to appeal to a specific audience who are genuinely interested in your content and are more likely to return to hear more.

If you’re too general, you’re not targeting anyone specific; therefore, you’re speaking aloud rather than talking to someone, making it harder to build a loyal following. Plus, put yourself in the reader’s shoes; if you’re looking for travel tips around Paros, Greece, you’re more likely to search this specific phrase and look for a reputable travel blogger rather than someone who covers all bases. So, long-term, discovering your niche will have more benefits and help you connect with more people.

Bring value

As a reader, whether you’re simply browsing or looking for specific tips and answers, you want to feel satisfied. You want to know that the last 10 minutes you’ve spent reading that article or watching that vlog was worth it, and you feel more knowledgeable about something you didn’t previously.

Vlogs and blogs take time to watch and read. Someone is giving up part of their day to take in the content you’ve created. Do you know the end goal and message you’d like to convey? Do you know how you’d like your audience to feel or what you want them to know before you begin creating?

If not, sit down and think about the focus before you start; this will ensure you’re adding value to your audience’s day and feel confident in the purpose of your video or writing. Knowledge is addictive. People always have room for more. If you fulfil that need, they’re more likely to come back for more!

Within our CPD Courses Catalogue there are a wide number of courses that’ll ensure you’re on the front foot in the world of blogging and vlogging. Many of those listed specialise in different areas of blogging so, if you know what you want to hone in on, we’ve made it super simple to filter and search!

We hope this article was helpful. If you are looking to become a CPD Provider, please contact our team to discuss your requirements in more detail. Alternatively if you are looking to record your CPD, please go to the myCPD Portal where you can manage, track and log your learning in one simple easy to use place.

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