myCPD Portal

myCPD Portal is a free online CPD record tool to help manage, track and log your ongoing Continuing Professional Development. Store your personal training record and CPD attendance certificates in one simple place.

Manage, track and log your CPD

The myCPD Portal is free to use and helps professionals to log and record their ongoing Continuing Professional Development training in one simple place. Set annual CPD targets and track your learning progress throughout the year.

It is important for all individuals to manage their Continuing Professional Development effectively on a regular basis.

The myCPD Portal is a powerful free online CPD record tool to help professionals to keep their educational training log up to date.

Keep a track of training courses, workshops, seminars, eLearning, conferences and events that you have attended throughout the year.

Manage your CPD profile

Using the myCPD Portal can help make it easier to manage your ongoing Continuing Professional Development effectively.

Learners can record learning outcomes and objectives of each CPD training activity, the name of the CPD training provider and the number of CPD hours completed for each record.

Set annual CPD targets

The myCPD Portal enables users to set an annual CPD target for the number of training hours they would like to achieve.

As you input training throughout the year, the CPD dashboard will display how much you have achieved and how many more CPD hours of training you aim to complete.

Recording your CPD

The myCPD Portal is a powerful online free tool to log training, record CPD hours, set annual targets, find courses and events to improve your knowledge and skills in an increasingly competitive world

Log your learning

Keep a log of the training and events that you attend throughout the year. Manage and record all of your Continuing Professional Development for free in one simple to use place.

Set annual targets

The myCPD Portal dashboard allows you to set annual CPD hours targets. Upload training courses, workshops, seminars and events against your targets to ensure you achieve your learning goals. 

Store CPD certificates

Store CPD certificates of attendance in one place. Your CPD record can store pdf, word doc, jpg or png files which can be used to keep CPD certificates as confirmation of the training completed.

Analyse your progress

Analyse the different types of CPD you complete to understand your learning preferences. Input learning outcomes and objectives for each activity and reflect on knowledge and skills you have obtained.

Find courses and events

Use the CPD search function to find training providers, courses, workshops, seminars and events that may be relevant to your ongoing Continuing Professional Development requirements.

Download CPD records

Download a copy of your CPD training record to review and use to send to a professional body or employer showing your Continuing Professional Development achievements.