Information Technology

Information Technology

The IT sector is the umbrella expression for a vast range of varying skillsets and expertise. IT specialisms can include information systems analysis & design, databases & data management, computer cyber security, risk management, data analytics, computer games development, hardware support, network administration, IT consultancy, IT sales, software engineering, technical support, telecommunications, web design, app development & search engine optimisation. According to Technology Insights (2011), the UK economy will require over 500,000 new IT professionals over the next 5 years working across all industry sectors. It is estimated that over 40% of IT professionals work supporting other industries such as finance, legal, retail, construction, manufacturing and the public sector. Traditional career paths do still exist in the IT sector although many typical progression routes are changing. Over the last two decades, the IT industry has encompassed highly skilled work with advanced technological developments. It may be necessary to change jobs frequently, building up experience and using learnt business skills to keep progress on careers. A balanced combination of high-level technical skills and the necessary soft skills are likely to be more successful in advancing careers. BCS, the Chartered Institute for IT (BCS) states “CPD is not an add-on, but an essential component of your professionalism. It is part of the professional competence and integrity of all members to actively engage with CPD, as stated in our Code of Conduct.” BCS has moved away from a traditional hours-based CPD system to a reflective learning process that can cover the wide variety of learning activities that can develop professional capabilities.

CPD Information Technology Courses and Workshops


Sage Business Cloud Accounting E-learning Programm...

Sage UK

Information Technology

Webinar: Protecting Your Company from the Global C...

ABAC Center of Excellence

Information Technology

TP Talks: The ins and outs of Microsoft Teams Secu...

Threat Protect


Python with Excel

GoSkills Ltd

Information Technology

Certified Cyber Risk Specialist



Budgets and Financial Reports Workshop

Inspire Management Training Centre


Foundations for Conducting a Corporate Investigat...

The Association of Corporate Investigators


Conflict Resolution



Business Communication



Healthy Living



Communication Skills



Financial wellbeing


Browse CPD Information Technology Training Providers


Cloud software for accountants & auditors

The Free Blockchain Course

Free online Blockchain training

Guru Systems

Intelligent technology for the future of heat

Draper and Dash

A healthcare and life sciences data analytics company

2N Telekomunikace

Leading European company engaged in the development and manufacture of products in the field of...

Hot Leads

Premium lead generation services in the UK

SNB Digital

Digital marketing training and consultancy services


Alternative data intelligence for asset management

Baxter Thompson

Helping your team plan and deliver your future technology vision


Global B2B Digital Lead Generator specialising in the Technology and Software Sectors

Prime Easy Learn Training Institute

Training centre in Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Huawei Technologies

253 Fortune Global 500 Companies choose Huawei as digital transformation partner

CPD Information Technology Events

Information Technology

Barox-Switches for video-the difference

barox Kommunikation

02 Oct 2021
Information Technology

DigiTech: Contactless (R) – evolution

Marcus Evans

06 Jun 2021
Information Technology
This Week

Analytics Symposium

UK & Ireland SAP User Group Ltd

21 Apr 2021

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