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This neurodiversity-friendly global course provides training on the ADHD Works Executive Functioning Coaching Framework; based on the 30% developmental delay in executive functioning skills associated with ADHD. Through recorded lessons and live remote sessions; participants experience ADHD coaching themselves alongside learning how to support others. The curriculum combines theory and practical skills; covering topics such as strengths; agreements; Rejection Sensitive Dysphoria and meeting individual needs. Learning is structured over 6 weeks; with lifetime access to lessons and live recordings. Upon completing a skills assessment; ADHD coaches are featured on our online directory as certified ADHD Works Coaches.

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ADHD Works

ADHD Works

We train ADHD coaches and organisations globally to empower people to understand, support, and harness ADHD.  ADHD Works was founded by Author Leanne Maskell, who has a legal background in mental health and disability law. Accessibility and inclusion is at the core of ADHD Works, with training on topics including Access to Work, reasonable adjustments, management, executive functioning skills and Rejection Sensitive Dysphoria. We also support individuals with ADHD coaching, helping them to work with their ADHD, instead of against it.

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