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How to Design Geosynthetic Drainage Layers

Seminar Afitexinov

About the CPD course

This detailed presentation helps designers to specify drainage layers in soil and structural applications by avoiding the use of traditional drainage aggregates naturally resourced. There are specific details of the manufacture methods of different geosynthetics; what are the behaviours/performances of those and the latest available design codes of practice/technical notes. By the end of the session a good level of competence and awareness will be achieved to design a geosynthetics drainage composites in many civil infrastructure applications i.e. under roads/railways; in soil embankments; in landfills; in subgrade structures; in sports pitches etc.

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AFITEXINOV, member of the AFITEX Group, is specialized in the soil drainage, support, waterproofing and reinforcement. French manufacturer of geosynthetics since 1992, the company provides its expertise in the fields of construction, public works, civil engineering, the mining industry and the environment.

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