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This programme allows participants to develop their ability to critically analyse information; prepare reports and plans as part of a team and enhance their career progression/transition skills. Participants will prepare for the change in the world of work through engagement with real-life situations and problems in assessments during a 21-day challenge to stop becoming overwhelmed and lose focus. The course is designed to instil the knowledge; skills and mindset needed to thrive during career progression/transition through a programme which consists of three complementary components. The impactful results of the programme can be achieved when all components work together.

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Al Maktoum College of Higher Education

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Al Maktoum College of Higher Education

Al Maktoum College of Higher Education

On every level, the College is a place where potential and ability is valued over background or ethnicity. It is an establishment where further and higher education is available and welcome to all. Our aim is simple. We aspire to grow as an independent, internationally recognised centre of Higher Education. The College focuses on lifelong learning through academic, technical and customised programmes recognised by the Scottish Qualifications Authority (SQA) and the UK Quality Assurance Agency (QAA). We are specialists. Our intellectual endeavours are dedicated to building bridges between the communities- namely ‘western’ and ‘Muslim’- that make up our city, nation and world today. In this all-inclusive approach to education, we believe, the College is a somewhat unique establishment in Scotland and the UK today.

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