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Equality of Access to Audio for people with hearing loss

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15% of the population suffer hearing loss, 1/4 of those use a hearing aid. Ensuring that venues and facilities provide equality of access to their services is not only a moral but a legal obligation. These Equality of Access for the Hearing Impaired online and in-person seminars are designed to provide general awareness for end-users, clients and consultants, as well as a foundation for professional installers and systems integrators. This seminar covers why assistive listening is necessary, why hearing loops are the preferred choice of technology, what type of systems are available and why all systems should be frequently tested.

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Providing a genuine benefit to people with hearing loss, Ampetronic is the world´s leading manufacturer and systems solution designer of Hearing Loop and assistive listening technology. Through Ampetronic you can offer complete solutions and support to meet the requirements of any assistive listening application, regardless of the environment. You will also benefit from our 30 years of experience as innovator and market leader, both through our comprehensive product range and the world’s largest assistive listening technical support team.

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