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Equine Assisted Activities & Therapy (EAA/T) for Individuals with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

Training Course Anita Shkedi

About the CPD course

Train practitioners to understand what constitutes PTSD and how it affects clients and their families; identify elements of chronic PTSD; employ EAA/T strategies that will help move clients forward; and partner with the horse in providing clients and families with a specialized EAA/T program. Participants will learn how to assist their clients to transfer their learnings from horse experiences in ways that help them reconnect to their personal potential and possibilities of a positive future.

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Anita Shkedi

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Anita Shkedi

Anita Shkedi

Anita offers her perspective in online master class in Equine Assisted Activities and Therapy. In these multi session classes on various topics, Anita takes practitioners to a new level of practice, where they are not only reflective, but also creative.

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