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The opportunities, challenges, and practices of sustainable investment and stewardship: a practical course

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The course is intended to enable its participants to understand and contribute to sustainable investment and stewardship. They will appreciate their own opportunities and challenges within investment and how these relate to those of the broader economy, society, and environment. Participants will gain confidence in navigating the complex and often contradictory ways in which sustainable investment and stewardship are presented and in practically applying ESG and engagement into investment processes and communications. They will also gain a deeper understanding of the impacts of their activities on key stakeholders including investee companies, current and prospective clients, beneficiaries, business partners and suppliers.

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Arkadiko Partners

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Arkadiko Partners

Arkadiko Partners

Arkadiko Partners is an innovative consultancy that helps its clients to develop and implement a sustainable approach to their business and investments. Our purpose is to help people understand what is possible, so that everybody can flourish.

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