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This course will enable you to apply analytical rigour throughout your work and deliver positive impact and outcomes. Analytical rigour is a combination of critical thinking skills and structured analysis and it enhances decision-making in any industry. Through practical sessions and group discussions you will learn the key principles of analysis that underpin some of the most successful international companies and are used by governments worldwide. Your learning will be put to the test during demanding but enjoyable syndicate exercises that will challenge you to produce robust assessments, which your peers will constructively critique in a professional, collaborative environment.

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Atlas Analytics

Atlas Analytics

Atlas Analytics

We deliver training, coaching and mentoring in the use of government-grade intelligence skills, techniques and technology. We help our clients to identify opportunities, avoid risks, operate more securely and ultimately to be more profitable, whether their currency is information, influence or pounds. Our operational experience and academic expertise are key reasons why our clients are consistently satisfied by our work. We are proud to be associated with a small, select network of other companies whose skills we use and who regularly use ours. Our work is conducted with the greatest consideration for ethical, moral and legal boundaries, and our training solutions and the recommendations we make are necessary, proportionate and underpinned with integrity.

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