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Attachment-Led Theory and Practice in Parental Alienation (PA1)

Online Course Attachment and Forensic Services

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Parental alienation is a public health issue that is clinically and legally recognised. Accredited; quality training in parental alienation is rare. PA1 is an intensive; open-access; 13.5-hour course with accreditation that updates traditional approaches with modern attachment; family systems; and neurospychological perspectives. Students progress at their own pace. The processes and potentially serious results of this type of parental manipulation are explored in detail. Typical family dynamics; means of identification; and current assessment methods are presented and analysed. Legal and systemic issues encountered by vulnerable and alienated children are investigated with real case examples and comparison to other jurisdictions around the world.

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Attachment and Forensic Services

Attachment and Forensic Services

From birth throughout life, we all have unconscious strategies for coping with other persons and events. AFS can arrange discreet, specialist forensic interviews with unbiased coding to ascertain current strategies, coach interviewees through their results, and suggest means of necessary or desired change. AFS are the leading UK practitioners in applying the principles of the DSM5, Dynamic Maturational Model of Attachment and emerging neuroscience to family separation dynamics upon parents and children, including parental alienation. AFS is committed to solving the current crisis in terms of inadequate assessment and provision for alienated children and their families.

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