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Happiness Workshop: authentically speaking

Workshop Authentically Speaking

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One day workshop teaching strategies to reduce stress and increase happiness

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Authentically Speaking

Authentically Speaking

By learning how to be happy, and finding the coping mechanisms for stress and overwhelm, Authentically Speaking have developed ways to avoid reaching burnout, and to eradicate the stress, anxiety and overwhelm that might be stopping you from living your best life. It is possible to have it all - success, happiness and peace. And we deserve it. If you want to be living a life of happiness as a parent, partner and career professional while managing the million other duties that go with it, Authentically Speaking can help. If you want to be more productive, effective, energised and enthusiastic at work and home, here's where to start. Whether you want to climb the corporate ladder, enjoy where you are, or maybe run your own business with joy, ease and success – all without burning out, Authentically Speaking can show you how, condensed into manageable steps you can easily weave into your already busy life.

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