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Understanding Cyber Security and Insurance (UCS-I)

Training Course AXIS UK Services Limited

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This course provides a full insight into our increased reliance on digitally enabled information; communication and technology (ICT) systems and the associated threats and risks posed from cyber enabled adversaries. The course will address the importance of good cyber security practices and provide an understanding of how these are applied within businesses. It looks to explore considerations for why organisations take up cyber insurance as part of an integrated risk management approach.

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AXIS UK Services Limited

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AXIS UK Services Limited

AXIS UK Services Limited

Axis is focused on building a specialist insurance and reinsurance business capable of delivering consistent and sustainable cross cycle returns for shareholders. We manage capital efficiently to enhance shareholder value, while remaining well positioned to take advantage of growth opportunities as they arise. Novae is committed to producing returns in excess of 10 per cent above the risk free rate across the insurance cycle, delivered through a combination of expert underwriting, consistent performance and dynamic capital management.

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