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Level 2 Child Sexual Exploitation: The Victims Voice

Training Course Basis Yorkshire

About the CPD course

This course is designed for all professionals working directly with children and young people who want to enhance their understanding of child sexual exploitation and would like to further develop their practice and skills when dealing with it.

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Basis Yorkshire

Basis Yorkshire

Basis Yorkshire

Basis supports indoor and street sex workers who identify as women, and young people who are sexually exploited. Our purpose is to empower people to make safer and healthier choices by offering information, support and options. Our work is driven by a sound evidence base, as well as working closely with women and young people to ensure our services are designed and delivered with them, putting their voices and experience at the centre of our work. We challenge stigma and inequality of access to services for everyone we work with. Over many years of experience and highly qualified workforce has enabled us to develop relevant, practical training courses related to the areas of expertise of the charity based on our own and national research and service user experiences which are delivered nationally. Specific areas of training we currently offer are in Child Sexual Exploitation (different levels), Trauma – informed work with victims of CSE; Supporting Victims of CSE through the CJS, Working with Female Sexworkers (different levels) and Understanding the complexities of working with sexwork and trafficking.

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