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Principles of Macroeconomics & Impact on Capital Markets

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Held in locations across the globe, this course from the BCA Academy focuses on teaching the analytical methods and investment strategies developed at BCA Research over the past 65 years. Participants will learn the frameworks, techniques and models to practically connect macroeconomics to investment strategies. The course is designed for investment professionals of all levels of experience.

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BCA Research Inc.

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BCA Research Inc.

BCA Research Inc.

BCA is a world leading provider of independent investment research. Since 1949, the firm has supported its clients in making better investment decisions through the delivery of leading-edge economic analysis and comprehensive investment strategy research. BCA provides its services to financial professionals across six continents through a wide range of products, services, and meetings.

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Principles of Macroeconomics

BCA Research Inc.

The BCA Academy Principles of Macro course teaches the analytical methods and investment strategies...
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