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The iron revolution: why less is more!

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Full iron stores are important for overall well-being; energy and performance. Women; people on mainly plant-based diets or people suffering from certain diseases have a high risk of developing iron deficiency. It particularly affects women with heavy menstrual bleeding; pregnant and breastfeeding women. In classical iron therapy; these individuals are dealing with multiple and often serious side effects: nausea; vomiting; heartburn; diarrhea; constipation or abdominal pain.

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We care about you and your health! That's why we at MIRACON Science want to share our knowledge with you to best educate you about your body and its well-being. We do this in a variety of formats, depending on your interests. We have everything from evening lectures to multi-day educational series. We also cover a wide variety of topics, such as gut and skin health, hormones, and metabolic functionality. Knowledge about nutrition and the supply of micronutrients play the biggest role at MIRACON Science.

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