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This CPD programme is designed to provide professionals across various industries with a comprehensive understanding of non-combustible systems and their critical importance in ensuring safety. We delve into the principles; applications; and best practices associated with non-combustible materials. Participants will gain valuable insights into fire resistance; building codes; and the latest advancements in non-combustible technologies; equipping them with the knowledge and skills needed to make informed decisions; mitigate fire risks; and contribute to safer environments in their respective fields. This programme is essential for architects; engineers; and anyone involved in; constructing; or maintaining structures where fire safety is paramount.

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At Builddeck, we specialise in the design, manufacture and wholesale of our revolutionary wood plastic composite products, as well as the newly introduced Non-Combustible Aluminium decking and sub-frame system. Our innovative production process gives value to the waste materials which would otherwise accumulate in landfill sites. It also creates a durable, low maintenance and affordable composite decking, fencing and balustrade that will outlast traditional timber for many years. 

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