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An Introduction to Siphonic Drainage

Seminar Capcon Engineering

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Siphonic Drainage is an engineered solution utilising the power of a gravity induced vacuum to create an efficient; high performing roof drainage solution. In this CPD you will gain a basic understanding of siphonic drainage technology systems including comparison to the traditional gravity systems; advantages and disadvantages and real world examples of siphonic drainage in practice. We invite participation in our Q&A session at the end of CPD where our presenters can answer questions on the application or feasibility of siphonic drainage in specific scenarios.

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Capcon Engineering

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Capcon Engineering

Capcon Engineering

CapCon was established in 2010 and the business specialises in providing full service solutions using the latest pipeline technologies for use in the Water and Gas Industries. Our services include Design and BIM, Rainwater Disposal, Pre-Fabrication, Minor Civils Works, Pipe Rehabilitation and Leak Detection, Maintenance & Surveying.

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