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This burnout and stress workshop looks at the signs and symptoms that employers and employees should be aware of that are indicative of someone struggling with burnout at work. The workshop highlights some of the factors that can contribute to burnout and stress; the stages of burnout and visible signs of burnout or stress. The workshop also gives some suggestions as to how burnout can be recovered from. Tackling burnout in the workplace is also discussed. The session finishes by discussing accountability and change within the workplace and how change can be measured.

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Case-UK offers a range of services, providing support to both individuals who are experiencing mental health issues and consulting with businesses to assess the standard of well-being of employees. Case-UK has 3 teams that offer support to those both in work and out of work. Our In Work Service works with businesses and employees to develop a personalised plan to improve well-being in the workplace. Our Out of Work Service works with the economically inactive to place them in training to improve their employability skills and our Able Futures team work remotely to support people in work and sign post them courses or training that will help them manage their mental health, whilst remaining employed. 

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