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Conscious Living Program (CLP)

Online Course Centre for Applied Jungian Studies

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A practical guide to working with Jungian theory the Conscious Living Program is a self-study twelve module course teaching tools of Jungian Psychology that can be used for ongoing self-exploration; self-analysis and transformation. Each module contains a comprehensive; practical and applied introduction to a key depth-psychology concept and includes exercises. Guiding you to integrate the concepts and apply them in your daily life. The Conscious Living Program can be undertaken by anyone interested in learning these practical techniques: and deepening their understanding of themselves and the world.

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Centre for Applied Jungian Studies

Centre for Applied Jungian Studies

Centre for Applied Jungian Studies

We focus on teaching Jungian psychology as a practical, accessible and real tool for personal transformation. Our courses are online and range in length from five weeks, three months and one year. Each course focuses on a different aspect of Jungian psychology. We share the skills needed and the practical application of the Jungian concepts for ongoing personal transformation.

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