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The purpose of this training course is to give the engineer: An in depth knowledge of important technical documentation such as wiring diagrams and interface lists; Detailed knowledge of all relevant auxiliary equipment and their parameters for correct engine operation; Comprehensive understanding of the operation of the generators used with GE Jenbacher gas engines; the AVR's and PFC used along with relevant parameters; How to use software tools to help analyse and interrogate the GE Jenbacher engine.

CPD Provider

Clarke Energy

Clarke Energy

Clarke Energy

Clarke Energy is a multinational specialist in the engineering, installation and maintenance of reciprocating engine based power plants and gas engine compression stations. Our offering ranges from the supply of an engine, through to the turn-key installation of a multi-engine power plant. Our facilities deliver fuel efficiency and help reduce carbon emissions. Applications include combined heat and power (CHP) with natural gas, biogas, landfill gas and coal gas or high efficiency diesel-fuelled power generation. We are the largest authorised distributor and service provider for GE’s reciprocating engines.

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