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Health Economic Model Development using MS-Excel/VBA

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About the CPD course

Health economic models are widely used all over the world to estimate the long-term costs; health benefits; and cost-effectiveness of various health-care interventions and programmes. This course provides participants with practical and theoretical knowledge of health economic modelling in order to undertake cost-effectiveness/utility analyses. It is designed for participants who are familiar with the fundamental principles of economic evaluation and want to develop; understand; and appraise health economic models such as decision trees; Markov models; and oncology specific partitioned survival models. The course focuses on a hands-on practical approach; with a range of interactive exercises based on real-world case studies.

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We are a healthcare consulting company, specialized in decision modelling. We provide all high quality health economics and outcomes research (HEOR) and real-world evidence (RWE) services and training. We are a team of HEOR and RWE experts with technical rigour to provide creative solutions to your complex problems.

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