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Creating a neurodiverse friendly classroom - what can education professionals do to support their learners?

Training Course Connections In Mind

About the CPD course

This masterclass brings education providers together to learn how to easily recognise children who have challenges with their executive functions; displaying challenges such as incomplete homework; late to classes and disorganised projects. It will teach about executive functions and the tools and strategies needed in the classroom to make them friendly for neurodiverse learners. The course will also share proven and practical ways to transform your classroom and school into neurodiverse friendly environments.

CPD Provider

Connections In Mind

Connections In Mind

Connections In Mind

Connections in Mind is a family of organisations that is committed to raising awareness of executive function skills and their impact on children’s development and relationships. The partnership is made up of Connections in Mind Coaching, Connected Minds Parenting, THE CODE, and the Connections in Mind Foundation.

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