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We appreciate that copyright can be confusing: it can often depend on the factors of each individual case. But when we talk to educators and institution staff it’s clear they want to do the right thing: they just don’t know what to look out for. That’s why we’ve developed the Copyright Essentials guide for FE. This 30-minute interactive guide helps users get their bearing in the copyright landscape. Once finished users will be more familiar with the key terms: concepts and questions surrounding their content re-use and will be better able to Copy Right.

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Copyright Licensing Agency Ltd

Copyright Licensing Agency Ltd

CLA exists to help customers legally access, copy and share the published content they need, while also making sure that copyright owners are paid royalties for the use of their work. We've been providing rights, licences, and a growing range of services for 30 years to simplify copyright and make it easier to access published content. Our blanket licences allow customers to copy material from our vast repertoire, which includes publications from the UK and 38 international territories. We also offer an expanding range of digital services to assist in the management and sharing of digital content.

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CLA Copyright Essentials for Schools.

Copyright Licensing Agency Ltd

CLA Copyright Essentials for Schools. We appreciate that copyright can be confusing; it can often de...
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