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A General Introduction into the NEC4 Contract

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As leading NEC practitioners with more than 20+ years' experience; this course is our most popular for clients who are either new to the NEC4 ECC Contract or have had limited experience using it. It covers basic principles such as early warnings and compensation events; design; contract strategy for procurement; time; payments and defects. This course is usually delivered face-to-face to a group of 6-14 delegates; during a full day's training; with 2 coffee breaks and a lunch break in-between. It can also be delivered online via MS Teams or Zoom (or other preferred platform) and broken down into half-day training sessions.

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Ctori Construction Consultants

Ctori Construction Consultants

Ctori Construction Consultants

As UK-leading practitioners of the NEC Contract with 20+ years of experience, Ctori Construction Consultants pride themselves in building strong relationships on trust and expertise across a range of sectors in the Construction Industry including Building, Residential, Nuclear, Rail, Aviation, Hospital, Port and more. 


We advise on Procurement, Tendering and Contract Management across these sectors and provide Planners and Commercial Managers across a wide variety of construction projects. Our consultants can work on specific tasks with defined deliverables or seconded into teams filling a role within the organisation through the tenure of a project. 


As experts in the use of the NEC, we provide ad-hoc advice on the use and interpretation of the contract and offer a range of CPD Courses, workforce trainings and workshops on the NEC Contracts as well as bespoke trainings on specific project requirements within Construction sectors. 

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As leading NEC practitioners with more than 20+ years’ experience, this course is our most popular f...
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