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This series of videos; presented by Dave Karellen who has over 11 years’ experience in PPC; will give you the knowledge needed to set up and manage your PPC account. Leading you from basic setup through to tracking; advanced optimisation and performance automation; you'll be dominating PPC ads in no time. Best suited to Marketers or business owners looking to start using PPC in-house or those Marketers who are currently using it in-house but want to increase their knowledge to include the use of more advanced features and tracking. Also; great for junior PPC executives looking to develop.

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Dark Horse Digital

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Dark Horse Digital

Dark Horse Digital

Incredible PPC and SEO results are not the exclusive rights of those with deep pockets. Dark Horse is who you turn to when you’re in competitive markets against bigger fish. Be the unexpected winner and knock your Goliaths off their ivory perch. Experience Dark Horse protection and make yourself heard. We’re not for everyone. We’re not for the myth believers. We are for companies who want to work with good people. People with serious skills, brains and importantly – integrity. We’re real people who refuse to bow to convention and the status quo. Incredible PPC and SEO results are not the exclusive rights of those with deep pockets... but they are a realistic expectation of the Dark Horse in your field.

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